Priority 1 Investigations, LLC is a Los Angeles based private investigation service committed to results. We are fully licensed to conduct professional and confidential private investigations serving California Statewide. Our highly-trained team of Investigators is comprised of prior military, law enforcement individuals, and professionals specializing in a vast array of services. We are effective and results-oriented, and work to deliver you the information you need.

Our mission is to assist clients and get straightforward answers whether it involves infidelity, missing persons, background checks, or child custody cases. We also provide process services, security and risk management, and expert analysis of insurance or financial fraud. 

During our initial meeting, we will look over and evaluate your case with attention to detail. Rest assured that we will implement our services to the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality to help you get the answers you are looking for.


Our Services

Asset & Collections

We have an experienced and successful Asset & Collections expert.

Background Checks

Gain accurate and comprehensive insight into a potential hire’s background. Verify a person’s personal and/or work history and discover any possible criminal history.

Child Welfare & Custody

Our experienced and trained investigators will conduct confidential fact-finding missions and oversight relating to child welfare and child custody cases.

Cheating Spouses

Confirm a spouse’s infidelity or faithfulness. Hire our trusted private investigators to find out the details. Our professionals will discreetly perform and collect any evidence that will allow you to make decisions based on facts.

Insurance Fraud

Protect your company and assets from questionable and deceitful claims. We can help safeguard your insurance by examining the claimant’s information and provide monitoring of suspicious or false claims activities.

Missing Persons & Skip Tracing

Determine and locate the whereabouts of an individual or company. At Priority 1 Investigations our Los Angeles based investigators use comprehensive databases and technology to track down and locate missing persons of interest.


Brandon W.

My wife and I hired the firm to serve this person who was basically ducking each service we attempted with other people totaling over 1.5 months. We decided to try using a private investigator to serve her and we went with these guys. The agents had her served within a week of hiring them, and the customer service was great. Do not waste your time anywhere else because they are definitely worth the money! A+

Irene G.

Customer service is top-notch and prompt. I cannot say enough positive things about their reliable services, professionalism, and ability to keep me calm during a tenuous moment (validating my intuition to be true). If you need a private investigator firm, go with the team as you will not be disappointed.

Lizette O.

I called the firm at 4:30 am Pacific time from the east coast and he was on the job for me immediately!… then the caring follow-through was amazing. I felt like he really cared about me and my case. And I got the results I needed to help me make some very difficult life-changing decisions.

Investigators Los Angeles

Priority 1 Investigations is a Member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators
serving the greater Los Angeles area.

Female Legal Investigative Professionals

F.L.I.P. is an association of women working individually and in teams to assist the public and law enforcement in a wide array of legal and investigative specialties.

Female Legal & Investigative


Call Us at  888-887-7482 or E-mail  and see how our resources can be put to work for you.

Areas Served

Priority 1 Investigations,LLC is headquartered in California.  We conduct business in all California cities with nationwide affiliates as well as clients across the globe.

If you don’t see the specific service you require, please feel free to call us now at 888-887-7482

Our Team

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Priority 1 Investigators offers a free case evaluation. Our team will review your case at no cost or obligation.




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