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Man days away from being thrown to street says housing prices are to blame.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Kern County’s homeless population has doubled since last year. While no one knows all the reasons the numbers are increasing, one local man says he knows one. He, himself is only 60 days away from landing on the streets. 


My name is Howard and I suffer from advanced staged multiple sclerosis.  Wheelchair-bound and having resided at the same location for over a decade, the property management decided they wanted to kick me out like trash so that they could jack up rental prices.  

Terrified of being homeless on the street and urgently needing a solution, my friend referred me to Priority 1 Investigations, whom they have hired before.  

Chief Investigator Jayme and her team jumped into action right away.  Priority 1 Investigations definitely made me feel like a priority.  They enlisted the help of a state Senator and involved the local news media, bringing attention to my situation.  I was networked with support agencies and now, I have a better, safer place to live.  

Thank you Priority 1 Investigations! 



Solving Crimes with Rick & Gavin

Solve Crimes with Rick and Gavin is a collaboration between longtime friends and business partners, Rick Tracewell and Gavin Fish. When they started in August of 2020, they had the audacity to believe that they could make a difference by helping to solve some of the nation’s most stubborn cold cases by using this website, YouTube, and their podcast to enlist an army of web sleuths. In addition to their viewers, listeners, and volunteers, their team has grown along the way to include a professor of advanced genetics, a retired homicide detective, a board-certified forensic pathologist, and a former prosecutor.


Oildale fast-food restaurants also charging a higher tax rate.

An Oildale Walmart outside of the Bakersfield city limits is charging customers a higher-than-allowed sales tax rate, according to a KGET 17 News investigation. A follow-up KGET investigation Friday found that at least one other business is overcharging customers. Now, the county Supervisor who oversees the area is weighing in. 


Walmart outside Bakersfield city limits charging customers city sales tax rates.

Customers of a Walmart outside of Bakersfield’s city limits are fed up, saying the store appears to be charging a higher-than-allowed tax rate.  The neighborhood Walmart market is in Oildale near the intersection of N. Chester Ave. and W. Day Ave., exactly 1.7 miles outside of the Bakersfield city limits.



Can Private Investigators Use Information on Social Media? Here’s How It Works

With social media being a wealth of personal information stretching years into the past, it’s no surprise that these platforms have become treasure troves for all kinds of investigations. But at the same time, it is important for private investigators to know the boundaries when diving into social media – and to keep in mind how social media data fits into a larger investigation. Here’s what private investigators can do with social data, and when they are allowed to access it.


Female Legal & Investigative Professionals

F.L.I.P. is an informal association of women working individually and in teams to assist the public and law enforcement in a wide array of legal and investigative specialties. Our members include private investigators, law enforcement officers, attorneys, handwriting analysts and questioned document experts, computer forensics experts, skip tracers, drug and cadaver dog trainer/handlers, bail enforcement agents, process servers, auto repossession professionals and much, much more. Our reach extends throughout the United States, and around the world.

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