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Asset & Collection Investigations

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Adultery & Cheating Spouses Investigations

Unfortunately, many individuals are often unaware of their partners’ unfaithfulness. By all accounts, interactions may seem typical; they may appear as a dedicated partner, or the absent and work-obsessed employee.  If you have a feeling that something is amiss, our experts can uncover the truth.

Activity Checks

Concerned about someone important in your life? Are they missing phone calls or not responding to emails?  Priority 1 Investigations can investigate their well-being. 

Asset and Hidden Finance Investigations

An asset investigation can be conducted for various reasons including child support agreements, alleged acts of fraud, or upcoming divorce proceedings.  Our asset investigators can reveal hidden assets and changes in the structure of asset ownership.  

Background Screenings/Checks

Background investigations can be crucial for many reasons. At Priority 1 Investigations, we believe you can never be too cautious. That is why we provide many types of background investigations. Whether you need a comprehensive examination of someone’s immediate criminal history or more extensive, we do it all.

Business Background Screenings / Checks

Our business background services support you in making intelligent business decisions to maximize your company mission.  Whether you are acquiring a new supplier, new clientele, or new hires, Priority 1 Investigations utilizes all available resources to support you in gaining extensive, in-depth knowledge so that you can make the best decision for your firm. 

 Child Support & Custody Investigations

Ensuring a child’s well-being is the main priority in custody cases. Our experienced investigators have decades of experience obtaining and acquiring videography and photographic evidence for our clients.  Parental negligence?  A terrible influence?  Or worse, are there symptoms of physical or sexual abuse?  Obtaining documentation from a credible source is paramount in court;  our agents have testimonial experience and are ready to fight for you and your child.

 Civil Litigation Support Investigations

A civil investigation gathers and reveals the information helpful for an upcoming civil trial. Most often, this kind of legal dispute includes two entities who disagree over an issue that cannot be resolved without the courts.  Our agency can help gather information and records, assist in examining all evidence, interview and evaluate potential witnesses and point out potential threats and shortcomings with your case. 

Clear A Criminal Record

Clearing a criminal record, also known as an expungement, is a legal procedure where the court is requested to re-open a criminal case. Upon review, the charges can be dropped, and the case can be closed with the criminal conviction removed entirely.  If a prior conviction is holding you back from potential opportunities, Priority 1 Investigations can assist you in getting your criminal conviction overturned.  

Cohabitation / Spousal Support Services

Alimony cases typically arise during a divorce. Parents granted custody receive checks from their former spouse to help with expenses for the child. If the parent granted custody finds a cohabitant, alimony can be eliminated or reduced. To confirm proof of a cohabitant, we use surveillance to accumulate evidence of the former spouse’s activities. They may interact with their suspected partner in public and in private, but most importantly their place of residence. They may financially have a joint account that can also be uncovered. At Priority 1 Investigations, we will conduct ourselves with confidentiality in any matter.

Corporate Security Investigations

Corporate security is essential for any business to prevent violence in the workplace. Here at Priority 1 Investigations, we will assess whether or not a situation should be investigated deeper. After a consultation, we can determine whether an expert screening process is needed. Each situation is closely analyzed so proper steps can be taken.

Criminal Defense Investigations

Conducting a criminal defense investigation can be crucial to any court case. Lawyers cannot manufacture evidence, which is why it is left to a criminal defense investigator. We will find the necessary evidence to help you defend your case. Criminal cases require the services of a professional investigator because they can complete background checks and surveillance. These can prove a defendant’s innocence and enlighten the prosecution to the exact events that occurred which led to the crime. Our team at Priority 1 Investigations has the experience, knowledge, and drive necessary to prove your innocence.

Due Diligence Investigations

Before you commit to any involvement, either personally or business-wise, you must investigate and research the full extent of that agreement and other parties involved. Due diligence confirms all the facts about sales and that the buyer has sufficient funds, which protects both parties from unnecessary harm. This can protect your assets, money, and future which is why it is so crucial. With our expertise and experience, there is no better place than Priority 1 Investigations to assist you. Our private investigators will do a thorough background investigation on your future business partner, employee, employer, or business partner.

Elder Abuse Investigations

Elder abuse is a kind of treatment that causes harm to an elderly person. The abuse could be domestic, financial, physical, psychological, or even sexual. When older people lose the ability to care for themselves, there is often someone who takes on the work of a caregiver to provide for them. In some situations, there can be a group of people who help out. This may include nurses, caregivers, or family members. With the number of people involved in their life, it is essential that signs of abuse are being looked for and examined. At Priority 1 Investigations we prioritize the well-being of elders.

Employment Screenings / Checks

Background investigations are a powerful tool in the arsenal for Private Investigators.   Need a comprehensive examination of someone’s history?  Priority 1 Investigations can help.  Criminal records,  employment history, and more. 

Fraud Investigations

A Fraud Investigation is an intricate investigation. Therefore, it is crucial to have experience, knowledge, and understanding of the legal system to successfully expose these criminals. Priority 1 Investigations has assisted clients by using very unique methods and advanced techniques. We have access to sophisticated systems in the investigation industry. Therefore, we can provide accurate and outstanding results to our clients. 

Types of Fraud 


  • Auto Accident Fraud
  • Bodily Injury Fraud
  • Slip & Fall / Products Fraud
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Medical Fraud
  • Auto Theft / AuroFire Fraud
  • Property Bulglary / Theft Fraud
  • Property – Building & Contens Arson Fraud

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud is any act done to defraud an insurance process. This occurs when a customer tries to gain a benefit they are not eligible for, or when an insurer knowingly denies a benefit that a customer is entitled to. Most times, when someone is seeking compensation for false claims, it is illegal and dangerous. A fraud investigation is conducted to report whether insurance fraud has taken place.

K-9 Services

Drug abuse is a very big issue for people today, especially teens. Millions of people are troubled by these substances at this very moment. Here at Priority 1 Investigations, we can help uncover the truth. With the help of our highly intelligent canine associates and the handlers, we will find any substances. You can rest assured that the searches, finds, and test results are condoned in confidence.


Missing Persons Investigations

According to statistics from the FBI, in 2013, about 628,000 people were reported missing. There are likely many more that have not been reported. Law enforcement does what they can to find them, but they have limited resources. Our extensive databases, advanced techniques, and years of experience make us a great resource to help. Private Investigators are not bound to the same regulations as law enforcement officers, they have more resources and a specific skill set. Whether someone has suddenly gone missing days ago or there was a falling out years ago, we will work around the clock to find them.

Online Dating Investigations

Online Dating Scams are dangerously common and very aggressive scams. New email and phone scams are conducted every day, each one more inventive than the last. It may start as an innocent conversation, but I assure you it is not innocent. Once they have received any attention from you they gather as much information on you as possible. Social media is an easily accessible resource because of its popularity. They find your vulnerabilities and exploit them for their own personal gain. Before you know it your account is hacked or you have sent them a significant amount of money for their attention. Once you have become fed up they blackmail you to continue. Unfortunately, the situation described happens all too often and anyone can become a victim of this crime. You can never be too cautious, contact us, Priority 1 Investigations, so we can properly assist you to legitimize an online presence. 

Relationship/Pre Background

Before taking a big step in a relationship, you may want to consider some research done by our experts. Unfortunately, not everyone is who they say they are.

Stalker & Harassment Investigations

The idea of someone following you or watching you is scary. At priority 1 Investigations we take these claims very seriously. We will fight off and defend against stalkers beyond your current expectations. We have the knowledge, experience, and drive to put away these criminals. 

Social Media Background Checks

The popularity of social media sites is very beneficial for gathering intelligence. On social media, people reveal lots about their lives and daily activities. Our experts know how to effectively use an online presence for data. Whether you want to learn more about someone’s online presence or improve social media research, Priority 1 Investigations are here for you.


Surveillance Services

Surveillance is the act of observation of a person, place, or thing. Here at Priority 1 Investigations, we provide you with skilled investigators who are experts at unique surveillance techniques. We provide incredible results including confidential information within legal boundaries. Our experts conduct themselves in a professional manner while uncovering information that will be of use to you. Surveillance can be crucial to many motivations including cheating allegations, fraud investigations, or missing persons cases.

Workers’ Compensation Investigations

A Workers’ Compensation Investigation helps companies determine whether an employee is committing compensation fraud. Workers’ compensation can exploit business finances if not exposed as a false allegation. By conducting surveillance of the employee, it is easy to conclude whether or not their compensation is rightfully deserved. Photo or video evidence, provided by us, of an employee easily doing tasks said to cause him difficulty would rule out the need for extra compensation due to an injury. 

Wrongful Death Investigations

Suffering a loss is very difficult, especially when it was a wrongful death. Some examples are automobile accidents, faulty manufacturing of a product or roadway, or poor roadway warning signs. 

security guards

Everyday security guards put their health at risk to ensure the safety and wellbeing of others.  Unfortunately, some security companies are not treating their guards fairly.

If you have experienced any of the following unfair treatment with your current or prior employer, call us NOW as you may be entitled to compensation.

  • Not getting proper rest or meal breaks, including not being allowed to leave your post.
  • Not being paid for all hours worked, including working off the clock.
  • Not being paid overtime properly.
  • Not being reimbursed for work-related expenses or mileage driven.
  • Being wrongfully terminated, harassed, or discriminated against.

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